Dance and have fun as a true Sicilian

Sicilian tarantella course Giardini Naxos and Taormina

Sicilian tarantella course Giardini Naxos and Taormina is born to bring people closer to the best known dance in Sicily and among the most famous of the Italian tradition.

In fact, tarantella is danced to traditional music notes that bring to mind the ancient times of authentic Sicily.

Symbol of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, the term tarantella derives from taranta, a word that indicated a poisonous spider whose bite pushed the victim to agitated and frenetic movements … which then inspired the dance!

Others argue that after such a bite it was necessary to move a lot and sweat to expel the poison.


1 h e 30 min


9:00 //11.30


Giardini Naxos


famiglia esperienza taormina


giorni di attività della settimana


365 g / anno

We speak

bandiera lingua italiana
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bandiera lingua spagna
ballo della tarantella

The Sicilian tarantella: experience of pure joy

But whatever the origin, the dance was so enthralling that over time it was included in every party and ceremony.

It was even used as a healing practice to drive away negative energies.

What is certain is that it causes immense happiness and an infinite series of laughter and therefore contagious happiness!
tarantella ballata sicilia

Sicilian tarantella course Giardini Naxos consist of

Sicilian tarantella course Giardini Naxos and Taormina begins with a brief introduction on the different types of tarantella from the Kingdom of the two Sicilies.

Speaking specifically of Sicily, the different types of dance will be distinguished.

The basic steps of the Ballu a chiovu will be shown, that is the dance of the farmers who enjoyed themselves after the hard work of the harvest.

tarantella giardini naxos
Between a step of tarantella and a touch of tambourine you will be able to dance in complete simplicity and autonomy a short sequence of steps. From this moment when you hear a tarantella playing you can dance like real Sicilians.

Ultimately, the Sicilian tarantella course Giardini Naxos and Taormina is the ideal activity to spend a sporting experience in joy, savoring the ancient customs and traditions of the Sicilian peasant world.
tarantella siciliana taormina

– Positively affects our mood.
– Improve coordination and elasticity.
– Helps to socialize and acquire a more open mind.

What it includes
– Master and expert dancer of tarantella siciliana
– Instruments for musical accompaniment
– Sicily Experience souvenir

In a hall on the Giardini Naxos seafront. You will be informed of the exact point at the time of booking.

what to bring

Comfortable clothes and shoes


Cash at the time of registration or on the day of the experience.

How to get

CAR: Seafront street Tysandros
AUTOBUS: Bus Stop Interbus S. Pancrazio

Food & DRINK

There are bars and restaurants nearby. Sicilian traditional aperitif (wine and food) on demand.

Things to know about the SICILIAN TARANTELLA course

No. The activity is suitable for all levels. Only the desire to have fun and get involved is needed.
Dancing is fun! Relax and enjoy the moment.
Clothes must be comfortable and soft in order to allow movement in complete freedom.
The hall is in Giardini Naxos seafront. Reachable by taxi, bus and shuttles.


I love to dance salsa around the world, but in Sicily I wanted to try something typical: tarantella is too much fun! - Manu
We spent a fantastic couple of hours and I don't know how much we laughed. Dancing and making new friends was incredible. Sicily is so welcoming. - Arturo
In such a short time I think I understood much more than being Sicilian: it is a unique experience for those who are in Sicily, definitely worth trying. - Giusy
In a relaxed atmosphere the teacher taught us the first steps. Sense of humor and sweetness is what I will bring from this experience. I feel closer to Sicily of my grandparents. - Mary