Making Sicilian ceramic souvenirs

Complete Ceramics Course Taormina sea

corso ceramica taormina mare

Complete Ceramics Course Taormina sea is a complete experience that deals with the most known art since ancient times.

The word ceramic derives from the Greek Kéramos, that is clay or potter’s land.

Since ancient times it was modeled to make pots and other everyday objects.

The clay was worked by hand, cooked in special ovens that reached high temperatures (up to 900° C) to become terracotta: resistant and waterproof.

In Giardini Naxos there were many furnaces and the beautiful creations of the Greek period can be admired at the museum of the Archaeological Park.


2 h


8:00/10:30 /15.30


Giardini Naxos



giorni di attività della settimana


365 days

We speak

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famiglia ceramica giardini naxos bluarte

Complete Ceramics Course Taormina sea
The experience consist of

Complete Ceramics Taormina sea begins with an introduction in which the material (the clay) and the ceramic tools will be presented.

sede sicily experience

Ceramic Giardini Naxos
Clay modeling

Once the technique necessary for the realization of the object has been identified, we begin to model the clay .

After a few minutes you will be able, in complete autonomy, to give free rein to your creativity.

There is no right or wrong, there is only art, magic, which must materialize by your hands.
ceramica pigna argilla giardini naxos

Ceramic Giardini Naxos

Once the object is finished, we continue with hints of ceramic technique to glaze a tile.
smaltare limoni ceramica giardini naxos

Ceramic Giardini Naxos

After developing a sketch on paper, you will decorate your tile.
decorare ceramica giardini naxos
At the end of the experience we will take a nice souvenir photo with your creations.
complete ceramics course taormina sea
  • Unleash your creative energies in a fun way
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Enhance patience and perseverance
What it includes  
  • Master of ceramic art
  • Materials and work tools
  • Break with beverage and snack
  • Souvenir photo during the experience
In an art atelier on the Giardini Naxos seafront. You will be informed of the exact point at the time of booking.

what to bring

Clothes you can get dirty


At the time of booking or on the day of the experience.

How to get

CAR: Seafront Street
BUS: Interbus stop S. Pancrazio

Food & DRINK

There are bars and restaurants nearby.

Things to know about ceramic class

No. The activity is suitable for all levels. Only the desire to have fun and get involved is needed.

Art is a game in which everyone can participate. Throw out all your creativity and you will feel finally free!

Clothes must be comfortable and soft in order to allow movement in complete freedom.
Yes, all the items you craft during the experience can be taken away as-is. To bake ask for more info.
The atelier is on the Giardini Naxos seafront. Reachable by taxi, bus and shuttles.

About us

A beautiful experience! The teacher knows how to make you feel special and kindly explains how to achieve what you have in mind. I am happy to have tried. - April
A surprise from my boyfriend! We arrive in Giardini Naxos and we had one of the funniest experiences together! We had clay everywhere, so we took the opportunity to take a dip (the beach is in front of the shop). Perfect gift! - Elisa
We spent an afternoon playing and creating with the children. A different way to spend the day and to stimulate the imagination. -Sabrina
I love trying new things when I travel and this experience I could not miss. Go back as a child and do whatever you want ... even just mess around ... it's wonderful! And anyway I made a pot and it will be my souvenir of Sicily. -Alex