10 things to do in Taormina - Giardini Naxos in Sicily

The 10 things to do in Taormina excursions and Giardini Naxos in Sicily is … Sicily experience. This is the perfect activity for those who need adventure, make new experiences and get to know Sicily. In the island we often do not know what things to do and what to see of original and special. Among the many things to do and see, such as outdoor (meditation) and indoor (ceramic, tarantella, fresh pasta …) activities, Sicily-experience stands out.

In fact, you can reach the most beautiful places in Sicily with our excursions and experiences: Giardini Naxos, Taormina, Randazzo and the beautiful Etna, Novara di Sicilia and much more. The paths are beaten with the aim of promoting environmental education, personal well-being and Italian historical memory.

Things to do around Taormina, Etna and Giardini Naxos

Furthermore, Sicily experience with The 10 things to do in Taormina excursions and Giardini Naxos wants to involve the Sicilian and foreign public, of all ages and different educational backgrounds, in stimulating activities that can leave an indelible memory of Sicily.

A land that above all wants to be known for its welcome, warmth and friendship; that respects the visitor because his voice and his smile will bring knowledge and beauty to the world.

Your smile is our happiness!

the 10 most exciting experiences to do in Sicily
between Giardini Naxos and Taormina

- Giardini Naxos -

Min 2 - Max 20 persons

For anyone who wants to create, experiment, innovate and have fun with the oldest form of craftsmanship in the world: clay. So many things to do to become an artist!

Fresh pasta and Tiramisù
- Giardini Naxos-

Min 4 - Max 10 persons

Discover our greatest treasure: fresh pasta made in Italy. To do together the recipes of Italian cuisine and Sicilian tradition. What are you waiting to try?
taormina walk

Taormina walking
-Taormina & Isola Bella -

Min 2 - Max 20 persons

The guided excursion in the beautiful Taormina is pure adventure. A walk with no environmental impact to see the town and Isola Bella.

the most relaxing experiences to try in Sicily
Giardini Naxos - Taormina

Meditation by the sea
- Taormina-

Min 2 - Max 20 persons

Meditation by the sea is among the unmissable things to do in Sicily. Perfect for having a moment of serenity and quiet. For everyone, by age, ability and physical conditions

Pottery wheel
- Giardini Naxos-

min 2 - Max 10 persons

A terrific creative experience, a pottery wheel experience to reveal the secrets of Caltagirone and Sicilian artists. From clay you will make a pot with your own hands!

Making a keepnet
-Giardini Naxos-

Min 3 - Max 5 persons

The creation of the oldest fishing tool used by the fishermen of Giardini Naxos. Natural materials (rushes, cotton) and beauty of forms make it a design object.

the most original experiences to do between Taormina and Giardini Naxos

Ancient mill
- Novara di Sicilia-

Min 4 - Max 20 persons

To do absolutely in Sicily: visiting an authentic mill from the 1600s. Grinding ancient Sicilian grains and learning how to make traditional products will take you back in time!

Sicilian Tarantella
- Giardini Naxos-

Min 2 - Max 20 persons

The typical Sicilian dance of farmers and shepherds that will surprise you with its tambourines and its sparkling rhythm. More than a hour of joy and fun that you will never forget.

Mosaic course
-Taormina mare-

Min 2 - Max 15 persons

Creative mosaic workshop to reproduce images with ceramic tiles, stone fragments and natural elements.
Bring home a Sicilian mosaic.

the strangest experiences in Sicily

dipingere tamburello taormina giardini naxos

Painting Tambourine
- Giardini Naxos-

Min 2 - Max 15 persons

Paint the musical instrument symbol of history and tradition in Sicily. Element of folklore to be used in the dance of the Sicilian tarantella with trinacria, paladins and Sicilian cart drawings.

Discover your origins
- Catania-

Min 1 - Max 2 persons

Discover the places of the grandparents, of the parents who left Sicily to find luck. Let’s retrace your story together. Things change, but your Sicily does not!

Sicilian Stick fighting
-Giardini Naxos-

Min 2 - Max 15 persons

Learn the rudiments of the oldest martial art in Europe that has been in Sicily since 1200 to defend itself from enemies and is still handed down to Sicilian families today. Have fun!

the Artistic and playful experiences in Sicily

Paint on fabric
- Giardini Naxos-

Min 2 - Max 15 persone

Ancient art aimed to all those who want to adorn an object with the bright and vibrant colors of Sicily. Paint your unique and original clothes and make the difference!
carta fatta a mano

Handmade paper
- Giardini Naxos-

Min 1 - Max 10 persone

The paper, an important element for the development of culture, was already in Sicily in the 12th century (First Italian paper mill was in Palermo). Experience the thrill of writing on your paper!

partita gioco di carte

Sicilian games
-Giardini Naxos-

Min 2 - Max 15 persone

Learn to play with the spinning top, Sicilian cards … the oldest games in Sicily and still present in all the houses on the island. Fun for the little ones too!

Adventure and culture to do and see in Giardini Naxos Taormina in Sicily

The 10 things to do in Taormina - Giardini Naxos - Sicily

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