Cook fresh pasta with a course for everyone

Pasta Hand Made in Giardini Naxos: How to prepare!

corso esperienza di cucina di pasta fresca come i tortelli a Giardini Naxos

Pasta Hand Made in Giardini Naxos and, generally in Italy, is life.

Until not many years ago Sicilian women on Sunday prepared macaroni with meat sauce to eat for lunch as well as other types of fresh pasta.


circa 2 h




Giardini Naxos



giorni di attività della settimana



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prepara pasta fresca

What does hand made pasta consist of

After a short briefing to present the materials and tools that are used, we move on to the preparation of the work plan.

Secondly, we select the most famous types of fresh pasta in the world of the Italian tradition.

We make simple egg-based doughs and water and flour doughs, typical of our regional pastas.

A period of 30 minutes is allowed to rest the pasta. Now, the dough, soft and elastic, is ready to be worked.

introduzione alla pasta fresca italiana

Prepare the differents formats of hand made pasta

Once the dough is rolled out and the right thickness is obtained, you can make the different pasta shapes you want:

– Maccheroni
– Lasagne
– Cannelloni
– Tagliatelle and Pappardelle
– Tortellini and Cappelletti
– Maltagliati

stendere pasta fresca
In addition, colored pasta will be made, using natural food coloring that were used in ancient Sicily.
forma pasta cappelletto
A hint to the most famous and well-known fillings and then move on to creating the characteristic shapes with their differences.

In the tradition of Italian cuisine, each pasta format is accompanied by a particular sauce or seasoning.

Do you want to try hand made pasta in Giardini Naxos? You decide!

We will proceed to cook a type of pasta you have chosen and you will decide which pasta to try for its consistency.

Prepare the Tiramisu


Hand made pasta Giardini Naxos- Info


– Improve coordination and sensory awareness.
– Enhance team spirit and cooperation.
– Increase happiness and personal satisfaction
What it includes
– Chef
– Materials and work tools
– Sicily-Experience souvenir
Hand made pasta Giardini Naxos is held in a restaurant on the Giardini Naxos seafront. The exact point will be communicated at the time of booking.

what to bring

Comfortable clothes

How to get

AUTO: By Seafront street
AUTOBUS: Bus stop Interbus S. Giovanni


Cash at the time of registration or on the day of the experience

Food & DRINK

There are bars and restaurants nearby. Sicilian traditional aperitif (wine and food) on demand.

Things to know to prepare hand made pasta in Giardini Naxos

No. The activity is suitable for everyone. Only the desire to have fun and get involved is needed.

Processing fresh pasta is a very simple and fun thing, you will notice!

Comfortable clothing that you can get dirty.

No. All raw materials and tools will be on site.

No, but it can wait for you outside the place of experience. There are bars nearby.
Children aged 6 to 11 can participate together with a parent. Teenagers can participate with the parent’s prior written permission.
Yes if you want. After cooking we will check the cooking of the pasta together.

About us

It was a beautiful experience. We celebrated my birthday by testing ourselves in the kitchen ... it went beyond expectations. - Myriam
The experience was great, I feel like a chef now. I want to deepen what the chef explained to us and try different colors. I am enthusiastic! -Joy
My ravioli didn't seem perfect, but they were delicious. We competed with those who did more and better. The children were happy, as I hadn't seen them like this in a long time. - Max
Everything as we expected, no surprises. My friends and I had a great time, especially with the flour, I had half of it in my hair! - Loredana