A guided tour to discover the places of origin

Discover your origins Sicily Taormina

Discover your origins Sicily is designed to allow descendants of Sicilian emigrants to get to know and visit the land of their ancestors.

In fact, Sicilian is a population of emigrants, full of families who left Sicily and went in search of more luck or simply moved by the desire to know the world and its wonders.


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Find out your origins and visit your country

Over the centuries, ships and trains have experienced the joy, nostalgia and great vitality of the Sicilian people. Considering this, large Sicilian communities are located in Argentina, the United States as well as in every corner of our planet.

In any case, generations have passed and in some the call of Sicily, of origins, is very strong and must be listened to. It is great to feed on memories, stories, but even more exciting it would be to step on your own land and get to know the stories of the country or city, which has changed over time.

What it consists Discover your origins Sicily

After a first contact by email we will devote ourselves to the search for the history of your origins, where there is documentation relating to their presence in the area. In the case that it is not possible to trace your ancestors, a “path of memories” will be drawn up.

You will be guided to the places of your origins and you will be told the most important anecdotes, which happened in the past, in those streets of the country. Get ready to experience this strong emotion and to recreate your personal story. Listen to the call of Sicily and find yourself.

Discover your origins Sicily - Info

– Strengthen the bond with the family
– Increase inner awareness
– Boost your determination

What it includes
– Sicilian history lover
– Digital itinerary of the “path of memories”
– “Sicily Experience” ceramic souvenir

What does not include
– Transfers in Sicily – Guide for visiting the “path of memories”
– Food and beverages
Place The research will be done via email contact (at least 5 months before). When visiting the place of origin the guide will communicate the exact point of the meeting.

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Things to know about
discover your origins SICILY

After the first contact by email (at least 5 months before) will follow a search for the places indicated and if possible for the family. When the search is complete, you will be given the “path of memories” that you can decide to do together with us or independently.
We cannot give you security, because it depends on the Municipalities of origin and their material on site. In any case, we will do everything and more to find the places of your origins.

It is a 1-day itinerary that lists the fundamental stops of your Sicilian history and curiosity.