Learn to duel like a true Sicilian

Sicilian Stick Fighting Giardini Naxos

corso di bastone siciliano giardini naxos

Sicilian stick fighting Giardini Naxos is designed to bring people closer to the art of defense of the Sicilian tradition.

Since 1200 AD we have informations of one of the oldest martial arts in Europe. In fact, this art was born from the need to defend oneself from enemies and wild animals with a means of work that everyone possessed: the stick.

Furthermore, the technique has been handed down from father to son over the centuries because each family had to know how to defend itself from the outside world. This set of techniques came together in the art of the Sicilian stick which already in 1600 saw the nobles and landowners as protagonists, as well as the shepherds and farmers.

Finally, from the clandestine schools of Sicilian stick it has gone to a rebirth and a place of honor for this ancient Sicilian art and today everyone can learn the basics, and then specialize with the great masters.


2 h


9:00 //11.30


Giardini Naxos


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365 days

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corso di bastone siciliano Taormina

Sicilian Stick Fighting consist of

After a short introduction on Sicilian stick fighting and on the sporting activity of the most important schools in our area and their different technical characteristics, we will move on to the real action.

In fact, the basic movements of the arms and therefore of the “rotata” will be explained and performed.

Afterwards, after having learned at least a dozen fundamental movements to duel, you will move on to a typical “pull” or fight. The duel must take place in safety and therefore will be performed with slow and delicate movements.

The Sicilian stick fighting is presented by promoters of the discipline with the only purpose of making people know and appreciate this activity still little known in the world. Furthermore, it is important to have a strong spirit of cordiality and respect for the person and our tradition.
corso di bastone siciliano giardini naxos

Sicilian Stick Fighting - Info

– Get in touch with the Sicilian tradition
– Improves motor coordination skills
– Increases solidarity and sociability

What it includes
– Expert of the discipline
– Sicily Experience souvenirs
Place In the classroom of the cultural center; the exact place will be communicated to you at the time of booking.

what to bring

Comfortable clothes


Cash at the time of registration or on the day of the experience.

How to get

CAR: Giardini Naxos
BUS: Interbus Stop S.Pancrazio Giardini Naxos

Food & DRINK

There are bars and restaurants nearby. Traditional Sicilian aperitif (wine and snacks) on request

Things to know about the
Sicilian Stick Fighting

No. The activity is suitable for all levels.
Clothes must be comfortable and soft in order to allow movement in complete freedom.
Giardini Naxos can be reached by taxi, bus and shuttles.


My wife and I arrived in Sicily to try everything that seemed traditional. Stick Fighting Art? We didn't know what to expect,but it was brilliant! - Max
How much passion in one lesson! I really liked the part where he explains the differences of the sticks, there is a world still to know about martial arts. - Kevin
Really nice. I am a martial arts practitioner but I had never done Sicilian stick fighting. I recommend it to everyone, even for the story that is told of Sicily. -Giulio
A very different hen party ... the humor of my friends has no limits. They had a very good idea and when we finished the experience (it's in the center) we went to a nice little place to continue the party. - Marta