Do by yourself a keepnet for fishing

Making a keepnet Giardini Naxos and Taormina

creare nassa giardini naxos

Making a keepnet Giardini Naxos is designed to make one of the oldest fishing tools used on the Taormina coast.

According to the historian A. Sáñez Reguart it seems that fishing with keepnet was born by chance observing the fish that flocked near the banks of the rivers when women went there to wash the dishes. The leftovers of food served as a reminder and man’s observation of this behavior led him to think he could trap fish by lowering baskets into the water.

In the seaside village of Giardini Naxos, children were learned to create a keepnet from an early age, observing the greatest and most experienced sailors on the beach. The raw material to create a keepnet was the rush (u juncu), a plant that grows spontaneously in Sicily in swampy soils near rivers or along the banks of the sea to the west.


2 h


9:00 //15.00


Giardini Naxos


famiglia esperienza taormina


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365 days

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creare nassa giardini naxos

Making a keepnet consist of

Making a keepnet with natural raw materials that respect the environment is a beautiful emotion. Rush and cotton are intertwined thanks to a particular needle (avugghia) to create a unique and design object. It has a perforated bell shape and a central opening that once in the sea allows the entry of fish or crustacean but makes it difficult to exit.

A rope with bait (isca) is inserted inside the keepnet, while in the upper part there is an opening that allow the catch of the freshly caught fish.

Generally the keepnet, gathered in groups, are put into the sea, making the side of each rest on the bottom. They, one after the other, are tied to a cane rope and spaced apart. The duration of the stay at sea (cala) is variable, but generally they settle them in the morning and collect them at the following dawn.

To find them at sea, they are tied to the traps of the floats (corks), while to keep them at the bottom, a large stone (mazzara) is placed.

In the two hours we will proceed to the creation of the keepnet, according to the manual skills of each and the starting and closing points will be explained. In the end you will be able to complete your keepnet in perfect autonomy!
creare nassa taormina

Making a keepnet - More info

Benefits – Release creative energies in a fun way
– Improve problem solving skills
– Enhance patience and perseverance

What it includes
– Master of Arts
– Materials and work tools
– Sicily-Experience souvenir
In an art atelier on the Giardini Naxos seafront. You will be informed of the exact point at the time of booking.

what to bring

Comfortable clothes


Cash at the time of registration or on the day of the experience.

How to get

CAR: Seafront street
BUS: Interbus stop S. Pancrazio

Food & DRINK

There are bars and restaurants nearby. Traditional Sicilian aperitif (wine and snacks) on request.

Things to know about the
Making a keepnet

No. The activity is suitable for all levels. Only the desire to have fun and get involved is needed.
Art is a game in which everyone can participate. Throw out all your creativity and you will feel out of the box and finally free!
Clothes must be comfortable and soft in order to allow movement in complete freedom.
Yes, all the objects you make during the course are included in the price.
The atelier is on the Giardini Naxos seafront. Reachable by taxi, bus and shuttles.


An unusual experience! I wanted to try because I had seen chandeliers made like this in a restaurant. Maybe I'll do more for my garden.- Anna
Having a boat one day I had seen a boy with these cages. Now I have realized what I am and I will try to catch something with mine. - David
At the first it was a little difficult to handle all these rushes, but in few minutes nobody could stop me. I am very happy to have learned this process. - Mario
I have a lot of experiences when I travel and I couldn't miss this in Giardini Naxos, the land of my grandparents. I feel excited to relive that ancient gesture. - Mary